We are Biohex Games, a team of Developers, Artists and Game Designers working together on making our dream RTS game.

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The Team:

165155_478479363123_1321403_nAlon Kaplan – CEO, Game Designer, Composer

Alon has gained his experience from working with dozens of teams on more than 70 shipped titles as a composer and audio producer. For the past 8 years he has worked with Companies such as Cartoon Network, Plarium, Samsung and many more. This is his 3rd game as a game producer, and the first to be working with this ambitious and talented team.

Alon Tzarafi – Lead Game Designer, Unity Developer12657423_693250400817873_5160274528946362422_o (2)

Made first games at age 8. Later on acquires experience with many related fields. Finished game development and design studies at Beit Berl. Coded games in every gaming genre and has experience in modding. Extensive work experience with web game development/design. Enjoys making game mechanics styles that haven’t been explored before, as well as creating custom mechanics to reflect a narrative theme.


Lital Natan – CTO, Unity Developer

Lital is a veteran developer and general technologist who dedicates his life to the art of game development, with experience and successful releases both in the indie and professional arenas.

Liad Geva – Art Director, UI/UX Designer15940493_10154454888573515_100836645498436797_n

Liad is a Graphic designer Graduate from ‘Holon Institute of Technology’ (HIT) specialized in Interaction Design, with much love for Design, Illustration and Video Games. His own game ‘Little Dribble’ has been released on iOS and Android. Leading the Art team at Moduwar and in charge of the Ux/Ui design.


Boris Ulyanskiy – Writer, Narrative and Level Designer

Want to know what the game’s all about? Ask me anything!
Any question – I’ll either give you some lore, or make it up on the spot 😉

When not writing, plays RPGs – both tabletop and digital.


Michelle (Aoi) Wataru – Lead Concept Artist12009586_1040683232632757_8991934466613427525_n

Michelle is a dedicated Game Artist, whose passion for drawing and games started when she was four years old. After finishing school she went to ‘Games Academy'(Berlin) and successfully finished her education there as an official Game Artist. Focusing on character concept/illustrating she already has been working on four games, each within a different team. Part of Moduwar team for the last year.


Ido Goldenberg – 3D Modeler

Ido is a 3D Modeler, his main specialty is character modeling. Graduated from IAC ‘Israeli Animation Collage’ where he is now a teaching assistant. Ido is also a 3D freelance artist and a 3D modeler for Moduwar. In his spare time he plays the guitar while his passion has always been about 3D animation and games.

30656_395579257069_7023974_nDaniel Vainbach – Environment Artist, Technical Artist

Started his adventure in the world of computer graphics nearly 20 years ago with modding of the cult game Baldur’s Gate, and although the past 10 years his work was mainly in the field of 3D visualizations, the main driving force behind his work is always the love and passion for creating worlds and environments.

50407356_1072108092975659_2248325223797489664_nYanir Ravhon – Technical Artist, Rigging, Animation

Yanir is an extremly talented artist that knows how to deal with art both from the creation side and the technical side. From Unity scripting and shaders to acting as a one man 3D production pipeline, Yanir have it all taken care off. Yanir have been working in various companies, lately working as a 3D artist for Compedia. In his spare time he plays the guitar in his own punk band, and play video games such as Red Dead Redemption, Half life, Path of Exile and Hotline Miami.




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